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This course is your first step in the falcon journey!


What is this course goal?

Ground Handling

You will get in the pit for the first time and learn how to:

  • Power-up the plane in an efficient way.
  • Understand how to navigate in the ICP & DED
  • Get a reference on the ground with charts to be able to taxi to the runway


Basic Flight Handling

You will get in th air with the plane and start getting familiarized with controls:

  • Take-Off Procedure
  • Runway Laps
  • Position in flight
  • Overhead Turns



Now you understand the plane a bit better and you start feeling confortable flying it, we are going to challenge you with getting your way around in a larger airspace and by any weather:

  • Charts and Instrument Navigation
  • ILS Landing
  • Full IFR Navigation


How is this Course structured?

The lessons are here to add information on top of the Falcon BMS manual (videos, additional content, …).

Each step will be validated by a quizz to see if you have understood the requirements.


Don't forget that each lesson will require you to train and repeat before you test yourself!

Enjoy your ground school!

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