Ground Handling – Ramp Start

What will this lesson cover?

Before you start with the F-16, you need a proper understanding of its systems and start-up procedure. The goal is to make sure student understands the logic behind the start-up sequence…

What you need to know?

The sequence shows essentially 3 sweeps:

  • Before Start
  • Start
  • Before Taxi

Before Start

This sequence will prepare the plane for a proper configuration before engine start. You will focus on External lights, Radios (UHF), fuel and systems cooling.


Engine start and essential systems power on. You will start the engines and once the power available you can start reviewing the start of systems in sequence.

Before Taxi

Powering on the EW (electronic warfare) systems, checking flight controls, EPU check and system tests.

Essential documentation

Please go to the Falcon Manual and carefully read and check document:

Docs\Falcon BMS Manuals\TO-BMS1F-16CM-1.pdf

Go to Section 2 – 2.1 Ramp Start in 3 sweeps (p. 162)