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The online Falcon BMS Map Tool


Maybe some of you don’t know it but we have an online tool that enables anyone to plan, brief and debrief with other players!

The beauty of it is that you don’t need to install anything…



Available Maps:

Collaborative server info:

How to use it?

You have a full manual available on the website.

Nevertheless, here are some cool features you should know about…

Use your BMS generated files

You can drag and drop files onto the map like:

Collaborate with your team

Use the left menu sandwich bars (the 3 lines picto) to bring up the connectivity tab.

You can then use the Falcon BMS default server or use your own (if you have a docker server)

To use the BMS official server, please enter the following:

Then simply connect and voilà!

Just bear in mind that flightplans cannot be shared so if you drag and drop your ini file, others won’t see it…

Note: Make sure you save your briefing changes locally or those will be lost (collab server doesn’t keep sessions alive forever)

Improve this tool

Well this is provided for free by the BMS team and public domain…

Feel free to push your ideas and codes changes to:

Map Website:

Collaboration Server:

Enjoy your flights!

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