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Hello Pilot,

If you’re on this page that’s probably because you’re a Falcon Lounge Follower and you want to try the online experience with other members from the Lounge!

The Server

The server is hosted by MaxWaldorf and offered to Falcon Lounge members exclusively.

As this is a private server, there are no guarantees that game will run 24/7 or last forever 🙂 .

Any abusive usage of that server will be sanctioned and staff might decide to stop the initiative…

The basics


Please don’t use the server if:

Code of good conduct

We expect people to behave nicely and respectfully with other players.

Please notify on discord when you are planning flights on the server.

If you have noticed or want to report anything please contact Falcon Lounge Staff on Discord!

Radio frequencies should be used as follow:

Server Information

Connection rules

Please read the guide: How to set-up your connection.

How to proceed with Campaign

We tried to explain everything in that short video below:

Good Luck and have nice flights on the Falcon Lounge Server!

The Falcon Lounge Staff

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