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    1. I have been flying in Falcon BMS for about 3 months. I started with Krause’s tutorials and have been playing the “Rolling Fire” campaign.
    2. I am not part of a squadron, all of my flying has been single-player so far.
    3. I have been interested in both civilian and military aviation since I was a kid and used to take flying lessons in a Diamond DA20 and Cessna 152. I used to play MS Flight Simulator several years ago along with “Ace Combat” and an XBox game called “Over G Fighters”. I recently started getting back into flight sims and have been interested in making the experience as realistic as possible, which is why I have become addicted to Falcon BMS recently and DCS.
    4. Located in the U.S. – Central Time Zone.
    5. I have read and understood the requirements and commitments.
    6. I am willing to be an instructor and pass the knowledge along to other members.



    Hello HAL,

    Please contact Ripper or MaxWaldorf on the discord for further exchanges over your application.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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