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    Hi I have been flying falcon for a couple of years now, I have some very basic skills. Falcon online has just introduced me to multiplay where I realised that I really need to improve on most things. I am not a member of a squadron, i do read the manuals but sometimes get confused on what’s being said. Some of the systems are quite hard to learn. I am motivated to become a competent pilot, maybe one day an instructor. i would like to know what sort of timescale for training for a cadet like me would take. i would love to have the ability to train others in this great sim. i have joined discord already and have been very interested in the development of it. Working on Falcon outside of flying is something that i do regularly. As long as the training takes place at a reasonable GMT timezone i would love to join the training program and take place in MP missions. My benchmarksims username is sub101, you may have seen me on there.

    Kind regards

    intel quad core 2.83ghz, nvidea gtx 750 ti. thrustmaster warthog. tracker 5 24inch widescreen Lg monitor.



    Hello Edd,

    Welcome to the falcon Lounge!
    The training length really depends on how fast we are progressing (and also on training schedule)…

    Obviously, the complete training itself might need up to 3 months if you practice alone the lessons.

    Hop on the Discord, send me a PM and we will discuss your application to the Training.


    PS: I am GMT+1 based myself…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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