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    – How long Have you been flying BMS?
    on and off for a year now. I would be getting good then i would have to stop for work and then start back up again. I have zero prior experience, and I think my Cougar stick is too loose for me might need to get a new one. i started with 4.32 flying tomcats and alitte of the viper. Since I installed 4.33 I believe i correctly added u2 and u3, but sometimes my bms flight screws up and i crash as soon as the program loads on the runway.

    – Are you part of a squadron? If yes, which one? (website)
    I am not currently part of a VFS.

    – Why are you interested to follow this training?
    I am interested in pursuing training in the Viper due to the depth and authenticity of Falcon 4 BMS compared to other sims (such as DCS). No other sim seems to capture the fighter pilot mentality like BMS; the focus on the F16 appears to lead to a development of tactics and procedure that is second to none.

    – Where are you located? (country)
    I am located behind enemy lines of California, USA.

    – Have you read and understood the requirements and commitments?
    I have read the requirements and understand.

    – Will you be ready to teach on the “falcon lounge” after completion of your training?
    I would be happy to.

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