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    My name is Daniel, 24 years old.

    – I’ve been flying DCS the past 2 years, been on 119th Israeli squadron.
    i’ve maneged to learn within their cadets program upto to A-A training, but since they are out of time and motivation, i’ve been held up for some quite a while now.
    – Have been an active cadet of the 119th as mentioned above (http://119vfs.tk/)
    – I have been aviation enthusiastic for all my life, served as an Israeli air force soldier and consider the Falcon as my favourite jet out there.
    – Israel
    – Yes
    – I have many expirience as an instructor for the VATSIM israel division pilots, as a head chief of flight academy within the Israeli division, so that would be a big YES.

    Would be happy to start right away, as i’m still with the knowladge and sharp on the HOTAS.

    Thanks !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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