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    Debrief of 26 Feb 2017

    Course: Cadet Training
    Lesson: Cockpit familiarisation (section)

    1-1-1 Ramp Start

    Nothing to report here, JasonBirder knows the main systems enough to perform an efficient ramp start.

    Lesson Completed

    1-1-2 ICP / DED Handeling

    Pages are know and working is way through is fine. A few extra knowledge to get from CRUS sub-pages and LASR page should be fully completing that but I consider this is enough for the cadet training.

    Lesson Completed

    1-1-3 Datalink

    Datalink basics are known but a bit more theory on XMT parameters and IFF OUT / IN on the comms switch are not mastered enough to perform datalink operations.
    A little reading on the manual should complete this training.

    Lesson to be reviewed next session

    Overall, great first lesson!
    Happy to continue with JasonBirder!



    Training On HOLD. No news from candidate…

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