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    – How long Have you been flying BMS?
    Since it was in Beta, also flown every type of Falcon since 1998.

    – Are you part of a squadron? If yes, which one? (website)
    Nope just a member of Falcon Online

    – Why are you interested to follow this training?
    All training is good even if your a regular flier, we all need it to keep up with updates and modifications to the Simulator.

    – Where are you located? (country)
    United Kingdom

    – Have you read and understood the requirements and commitments?

    – Will you be ready to teach on the “falcon lounge” after completion of your training?
    Was a former BFT instructor with the Freebirds many years back so definately.

    Former RAF pilot, though I have spent more flight time in the Falcon Sim than I did in the real thing.

    Asus 170-A Intel, Skylake i7 6700, GTX 980, 64 GB DDR4, M2 and 9TB storage.
    Windows 10 Pro, Comodo Internet Security Pro.



    Hey Dig,

    As we are already in discussion, I think your application is more about a global refresh on the sim more than a training in itself.

    If you’re interested, let’s work together on ramping you up to training instructor program…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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