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    Voodoo Rocket

    The link to the “Falcon Lounge Academy Concept” seems to be broken. https://www.falcon-lounge.com/falcon-bms-academy/concept/

    – How long Have you been flying BMS? I used to fly Falcon 4.0 but gave up on it over 15 years ago. Last month, I started getting more serious with the idea of getting into BMS and started attempting to learn on my own a few weeks ago. I can now start the F-16C block 52 from ramp, take off, go through navigation points, and then land using ATC instructions. (Working on getting as much landing experience as I can since that seems to be challenging with weather changes.)

    – Are you part of a squadron? If yes, which one? (website) I have recently applied with the 6th Virtual Figher Wing (http://6thvfw.co/) and have been bugging Ripper on Twitch. I have not been “checked” in order to be promoted to “operator” there yet.

    – Why are you interested to follow this training? Since I seem to be having issues combing through information since a lot of it is old or the information is diluted with explinations that have the eyes glazing over, I am hoping to find a little more focused training.

    – Where are you located? (country) I live in Deridder, LA (near Fort Polk, LA). So I am on CST, but I also pay attention to Zulu (or GMT) times.

    – Have you read and understood the requirements and commitments? I could not find the “requirements and commitments” to be able to read them much less understand them. As noted above, the “Falcon Lounge Academy Concept” is also hard to find.

    – Will you be ready to teach on the “falcon lounge” after completion of your training? I am a retired/disabled Army veteran (kind of why I am slow to learn) with loads of time on my hands. I would love to help entice others to play the game as I have been bugging ChillyWillies and Moltar from Twitch who both stated they were interested (I even purchased the Falcon 4.0 game for them). I don’t believe either has installed Falcon 4.0 much less BMS 4.33 yet though.

    Add Anything you find relevant… I am feeling like a complete noob so learning from scratch.



    Hi There,

    Sorry for the delay in answer!
    The academy is being reworked right now so no new registration are accepted…
    I’ll let everyone once it is done and ready for all.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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