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Falcon 4.34 is out

Hello fellow pilots!

Falcon 4.34 is out!!! Yes it is real and freshly released for your greater pleasure.

What can you expect in that version?

New Radio Management

Pilots will now need to have a real communication plan to communicate with flights and AWACS. You will no longer be in the middle of a major mess.

New ATC System

You now have a Ground, Tower and Departure / Approach. and you’ll need to switch to the right frequencies.

IFF Implmentation

This one is a great addition to Falcon. You now have a real like implementation of IFF (Transponder) and AIFF (interrogator).

New Campaigns

You now have 6 campaigns!!

New AWACS calls

AWACS now give you realistic instructions to flights and packages.

New AI and SAM behavior

AI will now follow leader in a much more realistic way, skip waypoint and hold to respect global timing.

SAM operators can now track and spot when needed and ambush you…

Weather engine change

This one is impressive. Along side a dynamic campaign, you have now an improved weather change (dynamic too) that will move across the map.

Damage model

F-16 will now blow-up engine if not started properly…

Oil and Fuel leaks are now modeled in case of damage!

Weapon changes

Mainly Fox 2 will now follow heat signatures and proximity fuses are now modeled.

Where to download?

Enjoy your flights and stay tuned to the Falcon Lounge

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