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Falcon 4.34 is out

By |2019-07-14T00:36:02+02:00April 20th, 2019|News|

Hello fellow pilots! Falcon 4.34 is out!!! Yes it is real and freshly released for your greater pleasure. What can you expect in that version? [...]

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Baltic Map Update

By |2019-01-06T00:15:29+02:00January 5th, 2019|News|

The new update for Baltic is out. Be sure that the Falcon Lounge Community will be flying on it soon enough! You can find the [...]

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New Community Milestone

By |2019-07-15T23:28:11+02:00October 30th, 2018|News|

Hello pilots! Our community is growing and we are now reaching over 500 virtual pilots on discord! I would like to thank all of you [...]

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Falcon BMS 4.33 Update 5 available

By |2018-07-02T23:40:38+02:00March 14th, 2018|News|

Hello Pilots, Falcon BMS Update 5 is here with a bunch of fixes and improvements on MP side!   Check the changelog:   Falcon BMS [...]

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Falcon BMS 4.33 Update 4

By |2017-11-23T13:00:38+02:00November 23rd, 2017|News|

Hello pilots, Here is a last update for Falcon BMS 4.33 U4! Link location: Direct Link to forum   Changelog: Generic Information: - The build [...]

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Falcon Lounge Youtube Playlist

By |2017-03-31T16:11:11+02:00March 31st, 2017|News|

We are working on adding videos from Falcon Lounge flights to this playlist! If you have a video from a FL flight message Ripper on [...]

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