Surface To Air Missile: SA – 10/S300 (The Grumble)

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The S300 (SA-10 Grumble) is a Soviet/Russian long range surface to air missile system that was designed as a long range anti aircraft and anti cruise missile system later upgraded to have counter ICBM abilities. In today’s TOTW article we will examine this deadly SAM and how we should go about defeating it. S300MPU-2 Fires Read More

Surface To Air Missile: SA-9/9K31

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The SA- 9 is a highly mobile, short range infrared guided SAM system that covers the tactical – low altitude band of soviet air defense, and is used alongside SPAA other SHORAD systems to protect ground forces from low flying attack aircraft and helicopters.  The system consists of a BRDM-2 amphibious vehicle, mounting two pairs Read More

Surface To Air Missile: SA-8 9K33

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The SA-8 was the first mobile air defense missile system incorporating its own engagement radars on a single vehicle. All versions of the 9K33 feature all-in-one 9A33 transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicles which can detect, track and engage aircraft independently or with the aid of regimental surveillance radars. The six-wheeled transport vehicles BAZ-5937 Read More

Surface To Air Missile: SA-7 9K32

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The Threat: SA – 7 9K32 The 9K32 Strela-2 (Russian: Cтрела, “arrow”; NATO reporting name SA-7 Grail) is a man-portable, shoulder-fired, low-altitude surface-to-air missile system (MANPADS) with a high explosive warhead and passive infrared homing guidance. Broadly comparable in performance with the US Army FIM-43 Redeye, it was the first generation of Soviet man-portable SAMs, Read More

Surface To Air Missile: SA – 5 / S200

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The Threat: SA – 5/S200   In this article we shall examine the massive and deadly SA – 5/S200 SAM system NATO reporting name “Gammon”. S200 Missile of launcher platform   A Brief History of the SA – 5/S200   The NPO Almaz S-200 Angara/Vega/Dubna (Russian Ангара\Вега\Дубна), NATO reporting name SA-5 Gammon, is a very Read More

How to change the 3D Objects in Falcon BMS with LOD Editor

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This is a very difficult tutorial and before anything, I need to put that disclaimer: I am not and will not be responsible to any harm done to your computer or Falcon BMS installation. This tool can potentially bring a lot of issues to your Falcon BMS installation and Multiplayer capabilities… You are warned now! Read More