Hello Fellow pilots!

I will advertise the custom modded folder for Falcon BMS 4.33 U3 .

You can find the original post here.

Please read our article on how to use the JSGME tool to easily mod and un-mod your Falcon BMS installation:

Install mods safely into Falcon BMS 4.33 U3


Enjoy this work done by Rthorflech…


Here is a list of mods included in this pack:

  • JanHas – All LVN3 models (Korea specific), LVN2 D models, Ground vehicles, Weapons pack, Walls, and additional models
  • Tomcatz – SU-series (including SU34 model), Typhoon, Transports, Helicopters, Ships, AWACS, vehicles, Soldiers
  • Arty’s – Runway and Taxiway Tiles (upgraded).
  • Buraktunahan – F-18C skin and cockpit
  • Horus – KF-16C blk32 skin
  • Dema – Tornado GR-1 skin, AGM45, Alarm and AS34
  • Gizmaker – Hud glass mod and dials
  • Neozino – A-4 Marine skin
  • Rthorflech – Sounds


Happy BMS flights!!!