Hello pilots,

Here is a last update for Falcon BMS 4.33 U4!

Link location:

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Generic Information:

– The build number string in the Falcon UI reads “4.33.4 Build 16083” after the update

– No data or docu or config files have been changed, this update is a pure “code-only” patch

– The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U4, feel free to rename them manually


– Updated splash screen and monolog output for the new Falcon copyright holder: Billion Soft (Hong Kong) Limited

– Significant performance improvements for importing ACMI .flt to .vhs:
* Reduced time needed for import by at least a factor of 10 to 20
* Added monolog output, flt file size at START, duration summary and vhs size at DONE

– In the UI chat windows, the participant tree title will now include the number of players in the chat, e.g. “(4)Lobby” instead of “Lobby”

– Increased the disconnect timeouts for the transport layer to 60 seconds for increased stability in “short temporary network loss/disconnect” situations

– Fixed mouse wheel not always working in UI

– Multiple (potential) CTD/hang fixes:
* memory depletion (OOM) CTD originating in a data range overrun
* client CTD when exiting BMS
* CTD related to input device sorting
* CTD in DrawableTrail::DrawChunkBillBoards
* CTD when exiting a campaign on a client due to invalid object access in UpdateIntel
* CTD when checking in with AWACS
* CTD in AirTaskingManagerClass::FindNearestActiveTanker
* infinite loop in AirframeClass::CalcMach
* CTD in VU message handling