Hello Pilots,

Falcon BMS Update 5 is here with a bunch of fixes and improvements on MP side!


Check the changelog:


Falcon BMS 4.33 U5 Changelog

Generic Information:

– The build number string in the Falcon UI reads “4.33.5 Build 16084” after the update

– No data or docu or config files have been changed, this update is a pure “code-only” patch

– The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U5, feel free to rename them manually


– Updated splash exit credits for the new Falcon copyright holder: Billion Soft (Hong Kong) Limited

– In multiplayer, campaign and other UI movies will not be played anymore (independent of the “-nomovie” command line option), since movies in MP can induce CTDs

– Multiple (potential) CTD/hang fixes, especially for multiplayer:
* CTD while sending/receiving FalconSimCampMessage
* CTD while sending/receiving FalconEvents (e.g. FalconCampEventMessage)
* Message buffer overruns for certain campaign messages
* CTD known as “RtlAnsiStringToUnicodeString” issue (hopefully!)
* Clients crashing when leaving the sim while they were on the chute
* Divide by 0 CTD in MissileDefeatCheck
* Client crashing when creating the 5th flight of the package
* Added CTD protection for the server in case flight is requested in an already full package


Enjoy your flights!!!