Dear pilots,

Falcon BMS Update 1 is out!

Download location is HERE

Enjoy this new update. Here is the changelog:

Generic Information & Known issues:
— The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.34.1 (x64) Build 20741" after the update.
— The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U1, they will still read "Falcon BMS 4.34" after the update, feel free to rename them manually.
— The following change log is by no means complete. Its purpose is to give you a quick overview about the highlights. You can expect tons of smaller tweaks and fixes.
— If you have any questions or found bugs regarding the change log items please always! reference the revision number, e.g. "(r12345)".
— Note: None of the manuals have been updated yet. The 4.34.0 manuals remain valid.
— Note: Updated "05 Other Documentation — Headers" to match the BMS 4.34 U1 code base: (r482)
  * classtbl.h
  * dofsnswitches.h
  * flightdata.h

Table of content:
01. CTD fixes
02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes
03. Shared Memory changes
04. Tool updates
05. Key File & Input fixes & updates
06. Multiplayer fixes & improvements
07. ATC fixes & improvements
08. Weather fixes & improvements
09. Various code fixes & improvements
10. Various data fixes & improvements

01. CTD fixes:
— Critical fix for UH-1N that induce a CTD due the missing definition of the texture in the texture set. (r10926)

— CTD fix in BVR code when AI are targeting Helicopters. (r19826)
— CTD fix after ejection (r19842)
— CTD fix when carrier is sinking with AC on it (r19871)
— CTD fix in fuel loading (r19994)
— CTD fix in Weather Refresh (r19995)
— CTD fix in AircraftClass::InitRemoteFlare (r20000)
— Fixed potential CTD during UI reckoning (r20161)
— CTD fix in Weather model (r20189)
— CTD fix in weather.cpp (r20303)
— CTD fix in area detection (r20304)
— CTD fix in GetTextureSetData: remaining flights in air while their squadron has been killed -> flight doesn't have sqd anymore (r20622)

— Fixed Stinger CTD in Tacref (r10765)

02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes:

— Cloud density and number of cells are now configurable via cfg.  (r19870)
  That will override all sliders or map settings. This can help to save FPS.
  * g_nFairCloudRestriction from 0 to 4 (default 0) 
	0 Standard model, from UI slider / Weather Map or Server Setting
	1 reduces the number of cells displayed from 9 to 4
	2 forces the density to max 3/8 
	3 forces the density to max 2/8
	4 forces the density to max 1/8
  * g_nPoorInclCloudRestriction from 0 to 3 (default 0) 
	0 Standard model, from UI slider / Weather Map or Server Setting
	1 reduces the number of cells displayed from 9 to 4
	2 forces the density to max 6/8
	3 forces the density to max 4/8
  * added g_nFairCloudRestriction and g_nPoorInclCloudRestriction (both set to default 0/false) in the "Config.exe Settings" section (r11067)
— As this will force a different cloud display between server & client the server can allow or deny this by using g_bForceMPCloudSettings (default false) (r19870)
  * Falcon BMS.cfg: added g_bForceMPCloudSettings (default 0/false) in the "MP Settings" section (r11067)

— Added possibility to set exponential curve and saturation for axis. Should help players with less precise controllers. (r19978)
	set g_nAxisExp_AXIS_PITCH 0 	// Axis exponential curve. Should be in 0 - 100 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisSat_AXIS_PITCH 0 	// Axis saturation. Should be in 0 - 99 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisExp_AXIS_ROLL 0 	// Axis exponential curve. Should be in 0 - 100 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisSat_AXIS_ROLL 0 	// Axis saturation. Should be in 0 - 99 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisExp_AXIS_YAW 0 	// Axis exponential curve. Should be in 0 - 100 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisSat_AXIS_YAW 0 	// Axis saturation. Should be in 0 - 99 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisExp_AXIS_CURSOR_Y 0 	// Axis exponential curve. Should be in 0 - 100 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisSat_AXIS_CURSOR_Y 0 	// Axis saturation. Should be in 0 - 99 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisExp_AXIS_CURSOR_X 0 	// Axis exponential curve. Should be in 0 - 100 range. 0 is disabled (default)
	set g_nAxisSat_AXIS_CURSOR_X 0 	// Axis saturation. Should be in 0 - 99 range. 0 is disabled (default)

— Allow user to choose the cloud rotation method by forcing it with g_nCloudRotatingMethod: (r19995)
  * -1 (default) means method defined by code logic 
  * 0 means cockpit method (mix of methods based on cloud distance)
  * 1 means face camera position
  * 2 means face camera direction
  * See also "09. Various code fixes & improvements" 

— Added possibility to override POVs mapping across different devices. (r19837)
  * New config vars (defaults shown here):
	set g_nNumOfPOVs -1 // Override number of POV hats. Should be in 0 - 2 range, -1 is override disabled (default)						
	set g_nPOV1DeviceID -1 // Override POV1 hat device ID, -1 is override disabled (default)
	set g_nPOV1ID 0 // Override POV1 hat ID. Should be in 0 - 1 range
	set g_nPOV2DeviceID -1 // Override POV2 hat device ID, -1 is override disabled (default)
	set g_nPOV2ID 0 // Override POV2 hat ID. Should be in 0 - 1 range
  * Example for a Warthog setup (sets joystick POV as POV1 and throttle POV as POV2):
	set g_nNumOfPOVs 2 						
	set g_nPOV1DeviceID 2
	set g_nPOV1ID 0
	set g_nPOV2DeviceID 3
	set g_nPOV2ID 0

03. Shared Memory changes:
Note: See also flightData.h for details

FalconSharedMemoryArea2 v16: 
- Added more data to the shared memory area "FalconSharedMemoryArea2"
  * Radar altitude (r20053 & r20059)
  * Bingo fuel level (r20053 & r20059)
  * Cara Alow setting (r20053 & r20059)
  * Bullseye X/Y (r20053 & r20059)
  * BMS version information (r20053 & r20059)
  * Indication which Betty sound is playing (r20070)
  * Turn rate in degrees/second (r20145)
FalconSharedMemoryAreaString v3:
- Added a completely new shared memory area "FalconSharedMemoryAreaString"
  * BMS exe name, full path (r20067)
  * Key file name in use, full path (r20067)
  * Various BMS directories in use (r20070)
  * Name of the current theater (r20070)
  * Various theater directories in use (r20070)
  * Current aircraft name/type and NCTR (r20070)
  * Current 3dbuttons.dat/3dckpit.dat full path (r20147)
  * NavPoints (r20221)

04. Tool updates:
- Updated to match the latest changes (r19722 & r10818)

- Added "Clouds density and Number of Cells" option in the "Hardware" section (r11067)
- See "02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes" for details.

- Updated shared memory utility to support: (r11150, r11135, r11244, r11311)
  * FalconSharedMemoryArea2 v16 
  * FalconSharedMemoryAreaString v3
  * See "03. Shared Memory changes" for details
- Updated file version to

- RTTClient can now run locally on the BMS machine *without* RTTServer running at the same time (i.e "standalone").
  In this case, RTTClient will poll the local BMS RTT data directly instead of connecting to RTTServer via the network.
  For this purpose, a new client config option "NETWORKED" has been added: 0 = standalone, 1 = networked
- Added support for: (r11150, r11135, r11244, r11311)
  * FalconSharedMemoryArea2 v16
  * See "03. Shared Memory changes" for details
- (Re-)Added LZ4 and RAW compression options, for testing purposes
- Updated file version to v3.0.0.1
- Note: Requires the latest VC2019 runtimes, see included readme.txt for links

- Fixes: (r20045)
  * For updating the CT list after editing some data.
  * Bug when cloning a unit (description data was messed then).

05. Key File & Input fixes & updates:
- Added new keystrokes for handling TM Warthog idle detent. (r19837)
  * Works like a momentary switch. When pressed, Idle Cut-Off is activated otherwise throttle is set past Idle detent. Just map Warthog Idle buttons to it.
  * SimThrottleIdleDetentCutOff 314 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "TQS: CUTOFF"
  * SimThrottleRightIdleDetentCutOff 314 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "TQS: CUTOFF — Right"
  * Note: These have not been added to the key files yet.

— Changes to Key Files: (r10913)
  * Set SimHotasPinkyShift to locked to prevent assigning it to a DX device via ui.
  * Fixed some keyboard code lines (3rd part) which was not always "0" and could lead to issues with 3rd party software (eg. Helios).
— Editor: set SimHotasPinkyShift to locked to prevent assigning it to a DX device via ui. (r480)
— Editor & BasicDX TM Warthog key files: added support for DX idle cutoff. (r480)
— See also "02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes"

— Fixed wrong keys in X-52 / X-52pro.pr0 files. (r483)

06. Multiplayer fixes & improvements:
— Special protection for MP servers / hosts to enforce MP stability: (r19825)
  * Prevents any client entering 3D as long as the server is in 2D.
  * Prevents to re-enter 3D world if already been in 3D. When you leave 3d you will be asked to reboot.
  * Note: When committing, Host will be allowed to enter Ramp 1 minute before the first client's flight. 
  * Note: This is independent of his own flights TO time or ramp start setting. 
— Allow Carrier moving in MP. (r20568)
— Make sure the AI does not set the pilot as ejected when player is leaving. (r20571)
— Fixed the throttle bug when leaving / re-entering 3d. (r20571)
— Fixed the KIA status for AI on ground after leaving. (r20571)
— Fixed AA TACAN not working if reconnecting in MP. (r19835)
— Allow local DOF computed changes for MP remote aircraft entities (on client). (r19837)
— Re-enabled AI pilot head random animations for MP remote entities. (r19837)
— Fixed AI pilot visor for MP remote entities. (r19837)
— Fixed parked AI F-16 vertical stabs for MP remote entities. (r19837)
— Nozzle and AB MP remote animations. (r19837)
— Fix helicopter position on carrier deck on client's side. (r20568)
— Fix for Client taking control of battalion even if not allowed by the host (B3 flag On). (r20572)

07. ATC fixes & improvements:
— Make sure that no flights are created when a squadron is dead (before being removed). (r20622)
— Divert all flights in air when their Squadron is dead (captured), Divert them to the nearest friendly airbase. (r20620)
— Make sure to remove the squadron only when all flights have landed or being killed. (r20620)
— Fixed AC being removed from the queue too early in case of rolling take off. (r20587)
— Fixed AI requesting approach while they should stay on leader's wing. (r19841)
— Include full Logic in the ATC menu. It is now impossible to contact an ATC agency with a bad message. (r19848)
— ATC Overhaul on ground: (r19861)
  * Support for runway crossing. 
  * AI are now aware of what is in front of them during taxi off to ramp to avoid collisions. 
  * Fixed timing for AI despawn.
  * Make sure that all AC of AI flights are spawning in the same branch.
  * Use of parking point groups for spawning. Book QRA / Intercept parkingPT with group -1.
— Various ATC fixes and improvements: (r19862 &r20575)
  * Frag ID of Ground, Tower, Approach are no more read from the eval.xml but from the Stations+ils.dat. 
  * No need to call "on final" when overhead anymore, flight is cleared automatically when reaching final position.
  * Fix for radio comms: "contact departure" replaced by "contact approach" when relevant.
  * Implemented FAROS (Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal).
  * When reporting "on final" before "request landing" during a free approach Tower will no more answer "contact approach" but will act like if you had requested "request landing" correctly.
  * Reworked the take off flow. "Contact Departure" is now no more part of take off clearance, but is sent by the ATC after leader's take off. As a consequence you are requested to stay on Tower frequency during take off.
  * Rework departure comms: "Resume own navigation" will always be sent after "departure heading" in order to confirm that the communication is over.
  * Removed last digit frag of radio frequencies when the last digit is zero.
  * ATC is able to announce the different taxi branches letter for taxi instructions.
  * Improved "Giveway" calls.
  * Fix for critical messages being considered as duplicate.
  * Fixed duplicate "contact departure" messages.
  * Fix for overhead break in case it is done too early.
  * Fixed ATC calling at each branch node when taxi off.
  * Fixed wrong calls when requesting taxiOff and crossing runway.
  * Fixed ATC not giving clearance to go on final despite being on the ILS glide (and missed the last turning point which can happen in radar approach with wind).
  * Make sure that AI can line up correctly even if leader chooses the wrong side of the runway.
— Pure data fixes and improvements: (r10967, r10988, r10989, r10993, r11263, r11541, r11549)
  * Updated menu.dat for ATC logic inclusion.
  * Prioritize urgent messages (emergency, some AWACS calls ...).
  * ATC agencies names are now defined in Station+ils+dat.
  * Adding Taxiway lettering for ATC directions to all airbases.
  * Adding Choongwon ATC announcements (previously used Chengdu) soundbites and correcting Male Runway 36 Right (previously said ‘click’).

08. Weather fixes & improvements:
— Removed Weather Icon from Instant Action as it was not working properly. (r11681)
  * To change weather of IA, change it in DGF module and save, that will govern the weather in Instant Action.
— Weather map model: (r19870 & r20727)
  * Minimum interval for auto loaded weather maps is now 55 minutes to guarantee correct interpolation. Maps below minimum interval will be disregarded. (r20006)
  * 15 minutes map interpolation: all the cells are interpolated between two auto loaded maps.
  * Fixed interpolation issues at map loading.
  * Fixed global wind / wind burst errors in the weather map model.
— Upgraded Turbulence model: (r19871)
  * More realistic convection with time of day .
  * More realistic mechanical turbulence with scale in altitude and wind force.

09. Various code fixes & improvements:
Note: The following changes may include data & 3ddb updates as well.
— IDM: changed interround delay to 5.5s as per RL documentation. (r20736)
— In visual modes (DTOS, VIS, Mark-HUD, etc.), fixed visual discrepancies between FPM and initial TD Box position. (r20734)
— Fixed Jetwash not being nulled in some conditions outside the cone. Make Aircraft buffeting when in Jetwash. (r20732) 
— Fixed waypoints elevations busted after a DTC save. (r20729)
— Fixed G accelerometer on pilot's seat position instead of Center of Gravity. (r20728)
— Fixed fake G accelerometer on ground. (r20728)
— Fixed in TAS (vt) calculation that must take wind and burst into account. (r20726)
— AGM88 in POS should go to last known radar position instead of initial waypoint. (r20591)
— Allow a nonlinear distribution of the deviation / PK estimation when AGM88 target is lost and missile going inertial. (r20591)
— Fixed Wind wrongly applied to the model. Steady wind does not impact the AOA and BETA anymore in turn, only bursts and turbulence will. (r20570)
— Carrier fixes: (r20568)
  * Fixed bad spawning on carriers.
  * Smooth FM on carriers.
  * Fixed AI unable to align with catapult.
  * Limit the number of aircraft and helos spawning on the deck.
  * Special code to clean up the deck in case AI are stuck.
  * Fixed incorrect carrier trajectories.
  * Improve static detection on carrier.
  * Fixed wheels not rotating on remote entities on carrier.
— Fixed a bug in ROLL ATT that should be active even in pitch ALT HOLD. (r20495)
— Fixed the RWR infamous ghost bug. (r20301)
— Fixed the RWS SAM exploit. (r20301)
— SAMs now resupply in 3D (r20300)
— Improved helicopter starting up and shutting down sequences, smoothed the helicopter landings. (r20299)
— Improved Gear Damage modeling when extended / retracted above speed Limit. (r20297)
  * Synchro Gear Damage modeling and cockpit LG lights.
  * Gear can not be broken by airflow anymore. Actuator will be over stressed and gears/doors will be stuck.
  * Specifications for 3D Models:
 — Root Switch for gears to make them disappear when broken (mandatory): default FALSE
 	Nose: 21
 	Left: 22
 	Right: 23
 — Switch to make appear / disappear the gear (in case it does not fit within fuselage — option -): default FALSE
 	Nose: 1
 	Left: 2
 	Right: 3
 — Switch to make Doors disappear when broken: default FALSE
 	Nose: 14
 	Left: 15
	Right: 16
— Fixed F-18 autothrottle disengaging during AP operations. (r20191)
— In case of single hydraulic failure (SYS B), continuous use of the toe brakes, even with the parking brake set, depletes brake/JFS accumulator fluid and causes 
  loss of all braking capability after approximately 75 seconds. If hydraulic pressure remains when holding the aircraft stationary, use of the parking brake is preferred 
  because brake/JFS accumulator fluid is not depleted then. (r20190)
— Fixed Brake rumbling sound not being played when analog braking was used with AFM (r20190)
— Fixed flares not dispensing properly when chaff in the program. (r20188)
— Improved SAM — FCR tactic in case the target is going cold. (r20002)
— Fixed Lag during heavy flare use. (r20000)
— Fixed Oil fault and HUD warn flashing for the AV8 Harrier. (r20000) 
— Improved AI taxi back to ramp and parking slot booking. (r20000)
— Fixed fog depth being applied above the cloud layers (it should be applied only below first layer). (r19996)
— Improved default cloud rotation method logic: (r19995)
  * Cockpit: This stops clouds turning when moving head. Other views: face camera direction.
  * See also "02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes". 
— Mask the edge of the world with evolutive fog. (r19995)
— Fix for gear being invulnerable sometimes on carriers. (r19993)
— Make sure we can contact Tower for departure on carriers. (r19992)
— Fixed Carrier Case 3 recovery stacking. (r19990)
— Allow overhead for player flights even in busy environment. (r19990)
— Fixed the capability, during quick flow AAR, to clear an on-deck receiver direct to contact. (r19989)
— Fixed Cursor Enable acting in NAV as if AG modes were still active. (r19982)
— An improved way to have the player radio menu code decide if AWACS is available or not. (r19977)
  Note: Essentially this uses separate logic from that used by the AI now -- the UHF frequency for the player is the dominant factor in searching for the AWACS.  
  As a side effect, if the player does dial in the correct flight frequency for an AWACS jet and one was not assigned to the player's flight then this value is stashed 
  in the player package so that they and other AI in the package have support from other parts of the code that use this assignment.
— Fix for large theater campMap (occupation map) reading and writing (r19919)
— DTC waypoints now have the correctly set elevation as set in the UI. (r19875)
— Fixed AWACS calls to friendly units when Coalition (r19872)
— Fix for AI being omnipotent to eyeball IRST missiles. Visual detection now depends on: (r19864)
  * Missile Engine light
  * Missile engine smoke trail
  * Missile contrail
  * Light Environment (night /Day)
  * AI eye scanning time is skill dependent and dependent on nature of engagement (WVR / BVR / OTHERS) 
  * AI flare management upgrade, no skill dependent
— Fixed also a few bugs in the Visual signature of aircraft. (r19864)
— LCO model improvement. Amplitude is now dependent on the speed and altitude around the fluttering "band". Max amplitude in the middle of the band, else quadratic smoothing (r19852)
— Fixed LGB guidance when released in Pair or Ripple. (r19851)
— Fixed bad UHF / VHF digit display in ATO. (r19850)
— Added smoke when engine is toasted after a hot start. (r19849)
— AAR fixes: (r19847)
  * Tanker entering in turn too soon.
  * Smoothed all AI movement around the tanker and not only after disconnect.
  * Never ending turning bug.
  * Fix changing speed when tanker being transferred from one session to the other.
  * Even after business closing, if remaining aircraft are in the queue, tanker continues to fly the refueling pattern.
  * Apply vertical offset to the observation position. 
— Fix for clouds turning in cockpit view. (r19846)
— Polished windsock: added turbulence for more life and some randomness. (r19845)
— Fix for wingflex effect when bombs are released from the fuselage and not from the wings. (r19844)
— Option to use animMaxBombFlex (default 1.0) to reduce bomb flex effect. (r19844)
— Fix for SAM battalions not firing in some conditions. (r19843)
— Fixed F-4 OFM issue (Lift/pitch when gear lowering). This fixes problems with AI that had difficulties to execute approaches with gear down. (r19840)
— Fixed pilot visor when jet starting hot (player and AI). Visor is properly down now. (r19837)
— AI F-16 stabs drops down without power on the ground (same as player now). (r19837)
— Tweaked EO-BORE Mode: (r19835)
  * SOI will initiate to WPN.
  * Ground-stabilizing will not happen anymore with a TMS-UP with HUD as SOI when moving cursor from the WPN page.
— Fixed engine running forever with fuel switch in AFT and remaining fuel in the FWD tanks. (r19835)
— Tweaked flameout condition with the fuel switch in NORM, both reserve tanks need to be below minimum to risk starving the engine (was only one before). (r19833)
— Fixed spoiler behavior to be realistic in turn: spoiler don't stay up when roll rate is null. (r19831)
— Fixed several timing bugs in flight and package creation (r19830)
— Removed unnecessary "start" options in the flight creation. (r19830)
— Fix to prevent creating running flight already departed. (r19827)
— Fix for mettalic noise during thunder. (r19824)
— Fixed INS alignment on Carriers. (r19823)
— Fixed AFM sliding laterally on bumps when speed is close zero. (r19822)
— Fixed AI premature engine shut down and ejecting while manoeuvering under negative G in afterburner. (r19821)

10. Various data fixes & improvements:
Note: The following changes may include code & 3ddb updates as well.
— Fixed GBU-36 and GBU-37 weapon guidance type. (r11831)
— Fixed star map. Stars are now moving correctly and you can recognize the star constellations. (r11661)
— M-2k series: Fixed LRF-4 rack, weapon loadout adjusted, squadron Store adjusted/fixed. (r11617)
— Fixed Sokcho Radar Approach (was vectoring into a mountain). (r11587)
— Updates to the UHF digit and the BIT TEST lamp. (r11574)
— Fixed ICP "CRUS (5)" not labeled correctly. (r11574)
— Fixed no munition for Mirage 2000-9's internal gun. (r11546) 
— Fixed no "Weight" and "Drag" value for the Mig-31's Tank 5300li. (r11545)
— Fixed F-16 300 Gal Tanks: tank is jettisoned alone, pylon stays attached to the aircraft. (r11544)
— Fixed the F-16 370 Gal Tanks: tank and pylon are now jettison together (selective and emergency jettison). (r11528)
— Fixed Air Defense units inconsistencies (Role Score, Move type/Speed). (r11364)
— Fixed inconsistencies in the vehicle files: (r11363)
  * Removed the second sensor not used (-> Radar 0).
  * Set the correct radar sensor for the air defense vehicles.
— Fix for strategic bombers with no "Strike" role scores required to trigger "Strat Bomb" tasks as "diverted mission". (r11362)
— Reworked all F-16s 3d models to remove the limits on Dof59 and Dof60. (r11352)
— Fixed EA-18G RAAF RCS value. (r11346)
— Renamed EA-6B radar to AN/APQ-129 & fixed radar range value. (r11346)
— Fixed Mirage 2000D/N RWR range value. (r11346)
— Fixed the F-16 BLK50 "Engine Fire" value that was set to 100° below the correct value. (r11344)
— Fixed CH-53 not available in TE (still using the UH-60 3d model atm). (r11334)
— City objectives relocated/adjusted to match the City tiles (in database and in cam/tac files). (r11320)
— Updated Enter/Leave Splash screens, added 21:9 resolution. (r11270)
— Added more SAM points to the SAMListType of some objectives. (r11269)
— Fixed the Skyguard AD unit's bubble value to match the "Low Air/air" range stat values. (r11267)
— Fixed KSAM AD unit's bubble value adjusted to match the "Low Air/air" range stat values and added missing "Air" value for the "Crotale VT1" missile. (r11267)
— Added reinforcements for Bear Trap campaign. (r11236)
— Added possibility to revert pitch/roll input axes in setup UI. (r11137)
— Victory events in trigger files of new campaigns have been corrected. (r11106 & r11358)
— Fixed "Tiger Spirit" and "Rolling Fire" and "TvT" trigger files. (r11103)
— Fixed F-18 E/F stores loadout. (r11073)
— Fixed the "Add Battalion" and "Add Task Force" UI windows: resorted the drop-down boxes "Equipment" and "Unit Type" alphabetically. (r11072)
— UI Flight Planner Tab: (r11071)
  * Re-introduced Fluid Four formation.
  * Fix for "CAS" locks being inverted. Moved the locks in front of "CAS".
— Fixed RC-135W Main Role (ELINT instead of RECON) & vehicle name renamed from "Recon" to "SIGINT". (r11050)
— F-14 A/B/D: fm Catapult values adjusted, fm Launch Bar values added. (r11043)
— Various TvT fixes and improvements: (r10823, r11033, r11268, r11714)
  * Fixed the file that was broken.
  * Fixed the ATO not creating enough missions.
  * Engineer batt no more part of a brigade.
  * Mirage2k9.dat adjusted: force to carry one central tank instead of two wing tanks for SEAD Strike and SEAD Escort mission types.
  * Various game play adjustments.
  * Various adjustments: Camo.cfg, stations+ils.dat, pri files, art files.
  * Server dedicated airbase is now located in Shenyang.
  * Team CIS name renamed as SERVER.
— Su-7: fixed gear wheel not turning. (r11030)
— Fix for ground radio page intercom items. (r10999)
— Logbook rank icons corrected. (r10995)
— F-18 E/F: fm Catapult values adjusted, fm Launch Bar values added. (r10984)
— Removed cfg line "g_bServer" (obsolete). (r10983)
— Fixed F16 — AFM inverted spinning. (r10969)
— Fixed F-15K MK-84 clipping (CFT Hardpoints). (r10932)
— Fixed EF-2000's pylons and racks inconsistencies. (r10930)
— Mirage 2000-9: replaced the centerline Tank "RPL-522 (-9)" by the "RPL-522 (AA)". (r10929)
— Removed 4x bombs capacity on inner wings pylons for all Mirage 2000 aircraft. (r10929)
— Added the victory conditions in the mission 1 Vs 1 and 2 Vs 2. (r10911)
— Fixed BTR-60 battalion: set FCR flag for the M-1992 Air Defense vehicle. (r10893)
— Renamed rocket "S-5 FFAR" as "S-3K" with a new "S-3K" 3d model. (r10891)
— Fixed missing PL-10 missile entry for the Rack APU-73. (r10890)
— Fixed Setup/Advanced UI glitches in Avionics TAB. (r10880)
— J-7G: OFM adjusted (gear position). (r10857)
— Fixed gear collapse at Seoul Airbase. (r10850)
— Fix wrong Kimpo runway number. (r10848)
— Fix fuel tanks values — was provoking AI ejection and bad use of total fuel. (r10837)
— Fixed Su-24M inconsistencies (LOD and FM). (r10832)
— Fixed J-7G unit icon (Mig21 instead of Mig19). (r10830)
— Fixed Tornado IDS and ECR (AMI) that was reversed in the TE builder. (r10827)
— Fixed AJ-37 and JA-37 inconsistencies. (r10826)
— BAP100 now seen as HighDrag bomb and released by AI from the correct altitude. (r10811)