Here we go pilots!

We just turned the page of 2019 and we are now entering 2020 with high spirit.

For sure 2020 will be a good year for falcon but let’s see the results of 2019 in a nutshell:

2019 – Year of BMS 4.34

Well most of you have been waiting this release for quite some time! The release cycles of Falcon BMS are usually quite long and the usual 3 – 4 weeks clearly transform into 3 – 4 years. (That doesn’t mean we don’t get patches in between)

This version of Falcon BMS 4.34 brought quite some changes to our favorite sim with a couple features I consider myself as game changing:

  • The new database format (much needed to avoid limitations and be future proof)
  • AIFF – A much needed feature that provide much more situation awareness)
  • ATC – A deeper step into communications realism
  • Weather system – Major improvement of weather transition and definition
  • Much more challenging AI – PvE campaigns now see sneaky enemies 🙂

Listing everything would be too long but I think you get the picture!

2019 – Year of the F-16

The F-16 has brought a lot of attention to itself in the simulation community this year not only by welcoming the BMS update but also having new simulators adding it to their portfolio (DCS F-16).

I am not going to go in the details and thoughts but I rejoice myself seeing new people getting excited to fly this bird!

This has shown a good spirit amongst simmers overall with a very good collaboration between MaxWaldorf and Growling Sidewinder in a first video on the F-16 radar. May this collaboration be the start of a very good series on the F-16 and beautiful sim friendship!

2019 – Year of the Lounge

This is our 3rd year and I must admit I am very pround of what we have accomplished so far!

This little project started with small ambition starting 2017 and now we have reached the milestone of 1000 members and recognition in the Falcon community.

There is no shame in celebrating this as this is a personal investment of time, resources and passion into this project! We have moved thanks to our mods and contributors (Rip, Code, Sandy, Starfury, Figmo ) and all the regular people that make this community so “alive”!

2019 has been a good chunk of pleasure and may it continue like this…

Now… what’s next?

2020 – Moving to the next level

I won’t make any personal promises I can’t keep but I can say one thing: “As long as this community is keeping the spirit, help and will, we have a bring future ahead!”.

This is true for us “users” but mostly for the BMS devs that share their passion with us through that sim. They are participating to the lounge life as well and so far, I must admit it works very well.

We will try to organize starting early 2020 more events and group flights for our members and try to improve by any means we can.

Final words…

Let’s not make this article to long 🙂

I personally would like to thank you all for being part of the “falcon lounge” adventure! I never thought it would go this far and that motivates me to continue further into the journey. May we grow our ranks and share as many good flight as possible!

You represent the best of this community and may you help growing the lounge to the next level!

Enjoy this time with family and see you soon in the virtual skies!