What a year…

People will mostly take as a year not to remember but there are some things that were definitely nice!

2020 was a good year for flight simulation, we saw Microsoft Flight Simulator breaking through the roof with their revolutionary terrain technology.

Falcon BMS 4.35 just made it for X-mas and brought the foundations for future improvements.

Through 2020, the Multiplayer stability made a huge leap forward which was definitely improved with 4.35.

So what is to expect in 2021?

Well… The fun will continue as the BMS team is continuously improving the features added in future releases.

Before you ask… Yes, VR and a new terrain engine are part of the expected new big features (don’t expect things to land in 2021 though)

Falcon Lounge also reached a major milestone by stabilizing over 1500 members and hosting almost daily flights.

Baltic is to be expected for 4.35, Georgia 4.35 will also see the light and soon a TvT event will be hosted once a first update 1 for 4.35 will see the light.

2021 will be an exciting year and for sure the Falcon Lounge will continue to host events and campaigns.

Falcon BMS community is very much alive and let’s continue the momentum!

A final word for all our followers, staff and BMS gurus: “Thank you for all your joy, hard work and passion! You are Falcon!”