Dear Pilots,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the new TvT event hosted by the Falcon Lounge staff.

This event will see two teams Blue Force and Red Force opposing each other.

General Briefing

Team Objectives

Rules Of Engagement

Side Selection

  • Each Pilot will be able to select a side and will be bound to it for the entire TvT round (check discord channel).
  • TvT administrators will reallocate people if game is too unbalanced.
  • Squadrons cannot and will not be allocated to specific Human squadrons as we want to encourage mixing people.
  • Skins are different on each side (aggressor skin for red)


Available Squadrons

NTO Polar Vortex TvT camps map

Quick Notes:

  • Blue Zone: BlueFor initial area
  • Red Zone: RedFor initial area
  • Grey Zone: Server “No Fly Zone”




Don’t forget to register here: Falcon Lounge – Discord TvT Channel

You will then be able to follow the instructions and download the following package:

Alternate Link (OneDrive Mirror)