Hello Pilot,

If you’re on this page that’s probably because you’re a Falcon Lounge Follower and you want to try the online experience with other members from the Lounge!

The Server

The server is hosted by MaxWaldorf and offered to Falcon Lounge members exclusively.

As this is a private server, there are no guarantees that game will run 24/7 or last forever 🙂 .

Any abusive usage of that server will be sanctioned and staff might decide to stop the initiative…

The basics


Please don’t use the server if:

  • You don’t know about Multiplayer, please don’t try to connect (or fly with another knowledgeable pilot)
  • Your are not already part of the Falcon Lounge Followers or authorized by the Falcon Lounge Staff
  • You don’t know how to plan and modify missions, packages or use the ATO
  • You don’t know about the basic NATO / US military communications procedures (or fly with another knowledgeable pilot)

Code of good conduct

We expect people to behave nicely and respectfully with other players.

If you have noticed or want to report anything please contact Falcon Lounge Staff on Discord!

Radio frequencies should be used as follow:

  • Uniform communications should be in English and following the standard brevity codes.
  • Leave Uniform Frequencies untouched (except Uniform 15)
  • Use Uniform 15 and / or Victor 15 for radio tower
  • Intra-flight comms should be monitored on Victor channels
  • If a Victor Channel is already in use, please switch to another one (or enter manual one)!
  • Uniform should be primarily use by flight leads and any critical information request / announcement
  • Always announce your air target on Uniform 6 with Bullseye information (e.g. Raygun bullseye 235 30 NM, Falcon 1-1)
  • If you are being targeted by another player, respond with “Buddy Spike” (e.g. Buddy spike bullseye 235 30 NM, Viper 2-1)

Server Information

  • ACDATA integrity is enabled on the host sever so if you can’t connect, staff will not change server settings for you!
  • The IP and passwords are given by the staff.
  • Server is running on: Falcon BMS 4.34
  • We intend to change the password on a regular basis so we add a bit of security…
  • We do not intend to have human AWACS at this stage but we never know in the future.
  • Campaign is hosted on (check latest posts to know what is the active theater):
    • Balkans 3.6 (standard not low definition)
    • Lorik’s Balkans
    • Stock KTO
    • Stock ITO v1.0.3
  • The only side you must use is NATO.
  • Human squadrons are numbered 432x, please only use them.
  • Altimeter settings
    • BALKANS: mb (Hg unchecked)
    • KOREA: Hg (Hg checked)
    • ITO: Hg (Hg checked)

Connection rules

Please read the guide: How to set-up your connection.

How to proceed with Campaign

We tried to explain everything in that short video below:

Good Luck and have nice flights on the Falcon Lounge Server!

The Falcon Lounge Staff